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CLiKC! – A goldmine of learning opportunities for Customs officers

By the E-Learning Team, WCO Secretariat

A wide range of online courses, e-learning modules, videos and webinars are made available to Customs officers via CLiKC!, the WCO learning platform. Thousands of officers have already registered on the platform. Below is an overview of what CLiKC! currently offers, and what is in the pipeline.

Join CLiKC! and….

  • learn about Integrity in Customs.
    Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic
  • develop your understanding of effective Customs procedures, processes and standards, with courses on the WCO’s Revised Kyoto Convention, the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement, Coordinated Border Management, Customs transit, Single Window and many more.
  • develop skills in Data Analytics.
    Two levels: beginner and intermediate
    Languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian
  • gain an understanding of Gender Equality in Customs.
    Two levels: beginner and advanced
    Languages: English, French, Spanish and Russian
  • learn how to plan and complete a successful Customs project with the Project Management in a Customs Environment
    Languages: English
  • learn about the principles of revenue collection, and the international Conventions, tools and instruments applied to the classification, valuation and origin of goods, with courses and videos on the Harmonized System, Customs Valuation, Rules of Origin and Transfer Pricing.
    Languages: English, French
  • strengthen your knowledge of passenger controls in an International Airport setting with the Air Passengers Control
    Languages: English, French, Spanish and Arabic
  • develop your knowledge of the legislative framework governing aviation with the COLIBRI: Monitoring and Controlling General Aviation course, and learn how to carry out effective controls in order to track down unlawful activities.
    Languages: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Learn about the international trade in wildlife and how it is regulated with the CITES: An Introduction course.
    Languages: English (French and Spanish coming soon)

We develop new courses on a regular basis, as well as translating existing ones and organizing learning events. Upcoming courses include:

  • Data Analytics – Advanced New
  • Harmonized System – Foundation course Updated
  • Leadership and Management Development Updated
  • WCO Data Model Updated
  • Customs Valuation Updated
  • Disaster Management and Supply Chain Continuity New
  • Combatting illicit medicines and counterfeit/substandard medical supplies New
  • Sanctions New
  • Dual use goods New
  • CITES: An Introduction – in FrenchNew and SpanishNew
  • CITES: building enforcement capacities New

Another reason to register on the platform is that the Secretariat has turned to virtual communication to deliver training and technical assistance to Members, and some online activities are taking place on CLiKC!.

The registration procedure is as follows:

  1. Go to the CLiKC! Home page (https://clikc.wcoomd.org).
  2. Select the “Get registered” tab at the bottom of the page.
  3. Complete and submit the registration form, and wait for your account request to be approved by your country’s National Coordinator.
  4. Once your account is approved, login and go to the “Find Learning” tab to explore and enroll onto the courses.

More information

Are you a new Customs recruit? The Virtual Customs Orientation Academy is for you!

Twice a year, a letter is sent to WCO Member administrations, inviting them to nominate candidates for the Virtual Customs Orientation Academy (VCOA). Over a period of 14 weeks, the selected officers follow tutored online courses focusing on core Customs competencies, international standards and conventions, as well as the concepts of clearance procedures and related practices, and how to apply them in the workplace. The VCOA takes place on the CLiKC! platform.