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26/06/2024 -


Dossier: measuring performance
Measuring to learn, innovate and continually improve
Enhancing performance measurement systems using the WCO PMM: the experience of the Eswatini Revenue Service
India’s trade facilitation journey: viewed through the lens of the National Time Release Study
Namibia’s experience of conducting its first Time Release Study
Relieving congestion at land borders: joint TRS sets South Africa and Eswatini on the right track
Assessing China’s trade facilitation progress – observations from an independent institution
How the Customs Integrity Perception Survey helped reinforce integrity in El Salvador and Mozambique
Accountability and transparency features in the United States’ Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) programme
Explaining utilization of preferential tariffs: new perspectives
Automating image analysis: China Customs implements new model for the development and deployment of algorithms
French Customs rewards its officers’ innovative practices
Detector dogs: Polish Customs aims to foster regional cooperation
Managing risk in the context of electronic commerce: Spotlight on Burkina Faso Customs
Implementing Nuclear Security Detection Architecture at borders: Cuba Customs shares its experience
Digitization of ATA Carnets: from pilot to implementation
A diversity and inclusion approach through traineeships
Point of View
Why connection formulas in the WCO Harmonized System should be amended
Customs Information Systems: a brief historical overview and recommendations
Leveraging AI for Proactive Customs Compliance: Giving Shipments a Voice
EU ICS2 – the DHL Express journey