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A new module in ASYCUDA speeds up the processing of relief consignments
New global HS standard enters into force
Data analysis: seizing opportunities for effective border management
Data analysis for effective border management – the Canadian experience
Border management modernization in New Zealand forges ahead
Mirror analysis, a risk analysis support tool for Customs administrations
Data analysis in risk management: Singapore Customs’ perspective
API-PNR: an overview of the French system and the challenges faced
Developing data analyst skills: how the WCO contributes to expanding this specialized area of work
Cognitive computing for Customs agencies: improving compliance and facilitation by enabling Customs officers to make better decisions
Point of View
Emerging technologies can transform border management, but agencies must prepare
Customs and the environment: bringing about a better future for all
Project INAMA: situation analysis and first results
Customs, playing a key role in protecting the ozone layer and mitigating climate change
Facilitating trade against a backdrop of security threats: the Tunisian experience
Racing ahead: the United States transforms its trade processes to compete in the global economy
Customs reform and trade facilitation in the Horn of Africa: Somaliland under the microscope
The eTIR pilot project, an ongoing success
Gambia Revenue Authority modernizes its human resource management approach