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SMART Borders: a few words about the theme of the year
Serbia’s accession to the common transit procedure has become a real game changer
Countries in East Africa cut transit time
From “red tape” to “red carpet”: how the Brazilian AEO Programme has brought Customs procedures to an entire new level
Burkina Faso makes strides in implementing key trade facilitation measures
Mauritius, a small island economy on the move
Australia’s Vendor Collection Model explained
Korea pilots blockchain technology as it prepares for the future
Standardizing platforms and adapting to the latest technological solutions available is the way forward
ONE Record: the next milestone in the digitalization of air cargo data
Working as a WCO Professional Associate: a participant shares his experience
Illegal wildlife trade: overview of airport assessments
Algeria launches new Customs information system
Overview of the Dominican Republic’s free zone sector
National Customs Enforcement Network: a look at country-specific implementation
Dubai Customs introduces a Virtual Reality Customs training programme
Danish Customs deploys underwater drone
Israel’s response to the threats facing cultural heritage
Bridging development gaps in the Pacific
China Customs disrupts major wildlife trafficking syndicate
The PEN-CP project boosts innovation and connects people knowledgeable in Customs and border security
Point of View
Embedding the HS in the business world to enhance work on rules of origin
Illegal waste trafficking: more data is key to getting a better grip on this trade
On the future of the WCO Revised Kyoto Convention