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Facilitating e-commerce
E-commerce and revenue collection
Supporting e-commerce: Korea Customs Service’s strategy
Australia’s tax reforms and e-commerce: a country perspective
Let cross-border e-commerce be an engine for growth
Dubai’s Virtual Freight & Logistics Corridor streamlines cargo movement
Educating the next generation of Customs professionals
EU launches a new Customs Data Model based on WCO standards
Violent extremism, borders and action by Customs teams
Illegal wildlife trade: an outline of the problems facing Peru
Singapore’s ‘whole-of-government’ approach to coordinated border management: maintaining its edge amidst new challenges
Vanuatu Customs’ response strategy to Cyclone Pam
Sri Lanka Customs’ response to a natural disaster: challenges faced and lessons learned
Point of View
10 years of promoting the academic standing of the Customs profession
Prospects for Africa’s Tripartite Free Trade Agreement in the light of lessons learned from the East African Community