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Dossier: Focus on the port environment
Revitalizing cooperation between Ports and Customs
Customs-Ports partnership and engagement in Abu Dhabi
Implementing the principles of “Smart Borders” at a medium-sized port
Integrating ports and Customs information systems in a cloud environment: a game changer for digital transformation
Georgia Ports and US Customs and Border Protection – a partnership that works
Tackling corruption in maritime trade
Combating the infiltration of criminals in the maritime supply chain: an overview of Operation TIN CAN
Transforming trade: how Dubai Customs is harnessing AI for enhanced trade facilitation and border control
The Czech Customs laboratory is 100 years old and more relevant than ever
Jordan Customs equips patrol officers with body-worn cameras
How Indian Customs leverages data analytics for efficient risk management
Performance measurement: Canada’s perspective
Diary of a WCO Professional Associate
Cameras: one way of making traffic controls more efficient
Point of View
Elevating partnerships between Customs brokers and Customs authorities – the way forward
Leveraging AI for Customs classification purposes
How Smart Containers could contribute to Customs operations efficiency
Identifying chemicals precisely through trace analysis is now a reality, opening new doors for Customs officers
The importance of data in DHL Express
The invisible paper chain in today’s Customs document flow and how to break it using Artificial Intelligence