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WCO Academy – the private sector’s point of access to WCO expertise

14 June 2023

The WCO Academy was launched in May 2018 to provide representatives from the private sector and academia with access to WCO distance learning courses. The aim is to disseminate knowledge related to WCO standards, tools and instruments to a wide audience, thereby supporting their worldwide implementation. Some 15 Customs- and trade-related topics are covered, amounting to over 100 hours of content. The courses are split into modules and are mainly available in English and French.

In 2022, the WCO Academy platform was redesigned and the purchasing options modified.

Learners can now choose between:

  • taking a standalone module – this is the ideal option for those who only want to access specific content and who do not wish to complete a full course;
  • taking a full course and being awarded a certificate after completing all the modules and passing the final exam; or
  • taking out a subscription to the entire course catalogue (no certificates are awarded under this option).

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