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New e-learning course on AEO validation available to Customs and trade professionals

11 October 2022

To help meet the growing demand from Customs administrations for support in developing Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) programmes and, more specifically, in setting up an AEO validation procedure, the WCO Secretariat has devised a new e-learning course which is available to Customs on the WCO CLiKC! platform and to trade professionals on the WCO Academy platform.

The course takes approximately three hours to complete and has been designed to be interactive. It includes six modules which provide learners with a clear understanding of the objectives of an AEO programme and of how AEOs are validated, giving an insight into topics such as Self-Assessment Questionnaire reviews, on-site validation and post-validation.

The e-learning course is expected to be of significant benefit to administrations that are currently embarking on AEO programme implementation or wishing to ensure that their validation procedures are aligned with recommended practices, as this will facilitate the negotiation of Mutual Recognition Arrangements/Agreements (MRAs).

Trade professionals taking the course will enhance their knowledge of the AEO concept and their understanding of what becoming an AEO would entail in practice for their respective companies.

The course development was funded by HM Revenue & Customs (United Kingdom) through the WCO Accelerate Trade Facilitation Programme.

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