Malaysia Customs conducts online Factory Acceptance Test

24 February 2021
By Asha Menon, Royal Malaysian Customs Department

In Malaysia, the use of technology to support Customs operations has increased steadily over the last few years. As in many countries, the COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed this trend and the use of online communication tools and technology such as non-intrusive inspection  equipment has become an imperative for the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) for business continuity.

The Department has recently used a video conference system to perform an online Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of its newly procured scanners and radiation portal monitors (RPM). Due to travel restriction, it was impossible to carry out the FAT at the manufacturers’ sites or at the site where the scanner and the RPM are built.

The FAT was supervised by the Deputy Director General of Customs, Mr. Mohd Yunus Charlie Charington. It took place over a week and was carefully prepared with the manufacturers to ensure a smooth process without compromising quality. All tests were carefully examined and adapted with each process detailed and ordered to enable the RMCD to determine whether the equipment was functioning properly. The FAT was a collaborative effort with experts from different government agencies (Atomic Energy Licensing Board, Ministry of Finance and local universities) participating to make an informed decision. All the parties involved were able to communicate and share real time data with almost no disruption.

The RMCD believes that it is important to keep an open mind and be flexible when faced with adversity. Online communication tools have proven to be very useful in organising meetings, training officers, and conducting capacity building remote missions. By conducting an online FAT, the Department is confirming that quality remote testing is also possible.

Thanks to technology, the RMCD is confident that it can continue with its modernization programme and meet the Government and the Ministry of Finance objectives even in times of crisis. The Administration stands ready to provide more information about the online FAT and other uses of technology. It encourages those who would like to share similar experiences to get in touch.

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